Category: Spirituality

Exploring Out of Body Experiences

Tami Simon speaks with William Buhlman, an expert in teaching people techniques so they can have an out-of-body experience. For the past six years, he has surveyed more than 16,000 participants in 32 countries about their out-of-body experiences. He is also a regular lecturer at the Monroe Institute. William is the author of the new Sounds True audio learning program, How to Have an Out-Of-Body Experience. William discusses what he calls “spiritual essence”, eliminating the fear of death, multiple energy-bodies, and how to use the knowledge gained from out-of-body experiences. For more information about William Buhlman, visit (48 minutes)

Caring for the Soul in Difficult Times

Tami Simon speaks with Thomas Moore, a monk, university professor, and psychotherapist. His work focuses on developing a deepening spirituality, as well as the act of cultivating the soul in everyday life. Thomas is the author of Care of the Soul, and Dark Nights of the Soul. Beginning on October 28, Thomas will begin a three-part online event series at Sounds True called Gifts of a Dark Night, where he’ll discuss periods of loss or failure that we’ll all endure while offering advice and guidance on how to navigate these difficult times. Thomas speaks about the danger of sentimentalizing the spiritual life, the fear of living versus the fear of death, and what it means to live with care. (56 minutes)

Presencing Awareness

Tami Simon speaks with Peter Fenner. Peter has studied as a monk with many prominent Buddhist lamas, and is the founder of the Center for Timeless Wisdom. He’s the author of several books, including Reasoning into Reality and The Edge of Certainty. With Sounds True, he’s published a book and audio program called Radiant Mind, full of teachings and practices intended to help awaken unconditioned awareness. Peter discusses three dimensions that can be considered when we look at our capacity to rest in unconditioned awareness, and the difference between a causal path and a results-oriented path in spirituality. (56 minutes)

Exploring your “Spiritual Personality”

Tami Simon speaks with Jonathan Ellerby, an emerging teacher in the areas of spiritual exploration, healing, and consciousness. He is the author of the book Return to the Sacred, as well as the Sounds True audio learning program Your Spiritual Personality: Finding the Path That’s Right for You. Jonathan discusses the idea of spiritual personality, what he calls the six-aspects of spiritual personalities, how we can grow and better understand others through these personalities and the clarity that arises from living in accord with our true self. (42 minutes)

Great Doubt, Great Confidence, Great Courage

Tami Simon speaks with Stephen Batchelor a former monk in the Tibetan and Koran Zen traditions with a humanistic, non-dogmatic approach to Buddhism. He is the author of the new book Confession of a Buddhist Atheist, and the Sounds True audio learning program Buddhism Without Beliefs: A Contemporary Guide to Awakening. Stephen speaks about the importance of doubt in spiritual practice, lessons from the historical life of the Buddha, and how he is exploring the Buddha’s teachings in a post-modern world. (61 minutes)

Andrew Harvey: Evolutionary Mysticism

Tami Simon speaks with Andrew Harvey a poet, teacher, writer, mystic, and sacred activist. His work is deeply involved with the transformative nature of the spiritual path and the call in our time for mystics to become what Andrew calls, sacred activists—sacred activists in a world that needs us. He has created several powerful audio programs with Sounds True including Radiant Heart, Song of the Sun, and The Direct Path. Andrew discusses the birth of universal mysticism, the dark night of the soul, and the transfiguration of the body that occurs as we progress on the spiritual path.