Category: Health & Healing

Exploring the Mystery of Hands-on Healing

Tami Simon speaks with William Bengston, a professor of sociology at St. Joseph’s College in New York. In addition to numerous publications and conference presentations, he has been a pioneer in the clinical research of energy medicine. He’s the author of the Sounds True audio-learning program, Hands-On Healing where he explores his research and demonstrates the techniques he’s refined to produce full cures of cancer in experimental mice. William speaks about his work and the amazing results he has documented, the image cycling technique—which lies at the heart of his energy healing approach and his concept of resonant bonding. (56 minutes)

Healing Trauma

Tami Simon speaks with Peter Levine, an expert on treating stress and trauma, with over 45 years of experience in the field. He is the author of several Sounds True programs including the book/CD Healing Trauma, and an audio program designed to help guide children through traumatic events called It Won’t Hurt Forever. On September 20, 2010, Peter will be presenting Healing Trauma a course designed to teach you how to release energy from traumatic episodes and restore harmony and balance in the body. Peter speaks about his body-based approach to trauma, trauma’s connection to stress, and offers some advice on how to deal with trauma. (60 minutes)

What Our Cells Can Teach Us

Tami Simon speaks with Bruce H. Lipton, an author and cell biologist who has taught at the nation’s leading medical schools. Over three decades of research in cell biology has made him a leading expert on the role and function of our cells. He is the author of the Sounds True audio learning programs The Wisdom of Your Cells and The Biology of Belief, as well as Spontaneous Evolution and 2012, an online event exploring his views of our current evolutionary shift from a scientific perspective. Bruce speaks about the lessons we can learn from our cells, the connection between what he calls “the field” and our physical body, and what he believes really drives evolution. (63 minutes)

The Power of Qi

Tami Simon speaks with Ken Cohen, a renowned qigong master, health educator, and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in energy medicine. He is a dynamic and energetic teacher with over 40 years of practice in the art of qigong and t‘ai chi. In addition, he is the author of 12 Sounds True titles including The Essential Qigong Training Course: 100 Days to Increase Energy, Physical Health and Spiritual Well-Being and the video Qi Healing: Energy Medicine Techniques to Heal Yourself and Others. Ken discusses the origins of qigong; how to manage our health by tuning our body, breath and mind; and how to deal with stress through the regular practice of qigong. (66 minutes)

Caroline Myss: The Science of Medical Intuition

Tami Simon speaks with Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive who has the ability to sense and diagnose illness. She is the author of five New York Times bestsellers, as well as the Sounds True audio learning programs Energy Anatomy and Sacred Contracts. In addition, she’ll be hosting The Science of Medical Intuition, an 11-part online course with Dr. Norm Shealy beginning March 16, 2010. Caroline speaks about her abilities as a medical intuitive, how she cultivated these abilities, the process of refining our senses into a highly developed intuitive capacity, and the importance of understanding the chakras. (48 minutes)

What is Radical about Radical Forgiveness?

Tami Simon speaks with Colin Tipping, the creator of a method for personal and spiritual growth called Radical Forgiveness. He is the founder of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching, the cofounder of the Georgia Cancer Help Program, and author of the new Sounds True book Radical Forgiveness. Beginning February 2, 2010, Colin Tipping will be hosting a three-part online live event with Sounds True entitled Radical Forgiveness for Healing. Colin discusses Radical Forgiveness, its five steps, and the relationship between Radical Forgiveness, the healing of cancer, and weight loss. (51 minutes)