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Chris Bache: Diamonds from Heaven: Exploring the Mind ...

What is the meaning of life? Can we really understand the nature of time and space or the structure of the universe? Is reincarnation real? Get ready for an extremely edgy episode of Insights at the Edge! Listen in as Tami Simon speaks with educator and author Chris Bache about his book LSD and the Mind of the Universe and the vast implications of the period in which we’re living. 

This fascinating and gripping podcast delves into the purification of awareness and surrendering the ego; embracing pain and suffering; the overlapping enterprises of spiritual awakening and cosmic exploration; our collective evolution and midwifing the future human; the accelerated and intense process of development unfolding in humanity; reincarnation and the phenomenon of “deep time”; the multiple modalities of existence in our universe; spiritual traditions with an “up and out” perspective; the birth of “the diamond soul”; potentiating our enormous and divine creative power; dharmakāya, the clear light of absolute reality; the continual work of integrating experiences of cosmic proportions; taking a gentler approach to personal and spiritual growth; and much more.

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